The flames of purple passion ignite as young Aqualad and Tula meet and fall in love with each other, from Aquaman #33 (first series).

Panel 1:

Aqualad: "Wailing Wolf-fish! Who...Who are you?

Tula: "What's in a name, handsome? All that matters is that I think you're wonderful! In fact, I KNOW you're wonderful!"

Panel 2:

Aqualad: " look familiar! Aren't you...Tula?"

Tula: "Well...I'm not Queen Mera!"

Panel 3:

Aqualad: "Tula...that gawky pig-tailed kid! Boy, have you ever grown up!"

Tula: "You haven't done so badly yourself, lover! But listen...I know what's eating you...I've got the same problem! Who appreciates us? NOBODY!"

Panel 4: Tula: "You deserve just as much credit as Aquaman for that rescue---but did you get it? You're always playing second fiddle to him! You're old enough to strike out on your own, believe me!"

Aqualad: "Yeah, you'd think I wasn't even along when that plane crashed! And Mera---she treats me like a little kid..."

Panel 5:

Tula: "Oh, Aqualad, the seven seas are and I, together, could really get our kicks! We could even visit the upper world---and have a ball! Atlantis doesn't want us---so why hang around?"


There comes a time in every young man's life when love---and feminine wiles---kick him right in the heart! Why should a water-breathing teen-ager be any different?

Panel 6:

Aqualad: "Yeah, that's it, Tula! Let's split this soggy scene and make the bigger scene outside! I'll show you all the places I've visited with Aquaman! Are you with me?"

Tula: "Till the seven seas go dry, big boy!"

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