BEWARE: THE FURY OF TEMPEST!'re wondering just what this hero can do, in a nutshell
but you don't have time for the whole story?!
Well, you've come to the right place,
because this page will explain it all for you--fast!

Here's a quick rundown on all of his known powers:

Powerful, purple-tinged eye blasts
Enhanced agility and strength
Enhanced hearing and vision (most evident on dry land)
Limited telepathy
Astral projection
Control of water temperatures and of water in any form (liquid, gaseous, frozen)
Ability to change the course or flow of water systems
Can create water anomalies such as water spouts, vortices, whirlpools and tsunamis
Can cast spells and can detect the use of magic by others.
Is capable of teleportation and has the power of telekinesis.

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