They just couldn't WAIT to take the world by storm!

As the ward of multi-millionaire Bruce Wayne (his alter ego: the Batman), young Dick Grayson received the best training a junior detective could ever ask for. United with Aqualad and Kid Flash, two other intrepid heroes, Dick, in the guise of Robin, The Boy Wonder, rescued the town of Hatton Corners from the ravages of Mr. Twister (The Brave and The Bold #54)---and a legend was born! Little did Dick know that he was about to take on the job as leader of a succession of tandems of gifted and brave teen heroes, all proudly serving under the banner of The Teen Titans!

Athletic, crafty, clever and wise beyond his years, Robin lead his team through some amazing adventures on Earth, in other dimensions and even in space! Throughout the years he's served with the Titans, he has earned every bit of respect and admiration from his peers due to his hard work and dedication. Any wonder you can't think "Titans" without thinking of Dick Grayson?

Defiantly proud of his underwater home, Aqualad clashed with the less-than-worldly Kid Flash upon their first meeting, but the two learned rather quickly to see the good in each other. Sadly, Garth was a Titan with multiple challenges: beyond staying one step ahead of the foes, he had a fatal dependency on being near water and an inferiority complex based on his exile status as a child and the perception that he wasn't as fit to be in the group as the other boys were.

When the stress of life as a Titan and his chaotic relationships back home became too much for him, Aqualad opted to become an auxiliary member of the team, together with his girlfriend, Aquagirl. Always there to lend a hand whenever his friends needed him, Garth was usually present for the major events of Titanhood, but rarely for the enjoyable side of being a super-powered kid: the parties, the movies and plays, and the amusement parks and camping trips. But if he resented any of this, he's never shown it. The only unmasked male of the original Titans, this usually kindly and thoughtful merboy loved dishing out a good punch-up! Deceptively powerful and strong, he made for a formidable partner of the mighty Fab Four!

Wally West, alias Kid Flash, was a mid-western boy whose whole world once only consisted of the small community of Blue Valley, Nebraska. A dose of the same chemical reaction which made his uncle Barry Allen into The Flash certainly changed Wally's life and broadened his horizons!

Flash by name, flash by nature, Wally's mouth often spouted out remarks before his brain caught up to them, with Aqualad and Wonder Girl usually being the ones to suffer for it. With his extensive experience learned from his time as junior partner to a police scientist, Wally brought both brains and speed to this talented tandem---and he loved to remind them of that, early and often!

Adding her own brand of feminine charm and Amazon might, Wonder Girl crashed this band of "boy wonders" on their first outting as "The Teen Titans (The Brave And The Bold, #60). Blessed with super strength and the ability to glide on updrafts of air, young Donna was more than a match for the villains these super-kids took on!

Since boys will be boys, Donna became the focus of attention by the wandering eyes of Wally West and sometime member Roy Harper (Speedy). Though Dick Grayson obviously felt some attraction to her, they instead became close friends, with the two spending endless hours on the phone trying to sort through the trials of being teens. Dick took particular interest in Donna's shrouded past and later assisted her in searching for her true identity, while Donna offered Dick a comforting ear as he dealt with the more difficult aspects of life with the Batman.

Though Donna eventually dated Roy, her heart, at least in the early days, belonged to every mop-topped rock band to hit the charts! No girl loved to dance more than she, and no other girl could call herself the sweetheart of the Teen Titans! Smart, quick and Amazon tough, Donna Troy had it all!

All text written by Daria

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