His Majesty astride Storm,
ready for action!

Aqualad, under attack from Black Manta in the episode
"The War Of The Quatix And The Bimphabs"

The Aquaduo, from the opening sequence of the Aquaman series.

Aquaman and his seahorse-with-attitude, Storm.
(This was the very first Aquaman cel I was able to acquire)

Aquaman, in the process of using Mera's comic book powers of forming hard water
(the water projectiles cel was not included)

My favorite Aqualad cel, from "Programmed For Destruction"
and complete with an eerie original background
(not from the same episode).

What could be more fun than a boy out for a jaunt on his trusty seapony?
Aqualad and Imp, from "Mephisto's Marine Marauders"

Aquaman gliding toward us,
from the title sequence of the series

Aquaman in an updated image
circa "Superman: The Animated Series" (1999)

Aquaman, King Of The Seven Seas
from the Justice League series (2002)

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