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Down along the floor of the Atlantic Ocean lives a young mage whose feats of heroism and daring
are legendary among the tales of the people of the sea.
Born the exiled scion of Thar, King of the Idyllists, and his consort, Queen Berra,
and then mercilessly abandoned to die of exposure, Garth grew up
with none of the customary trappings or comforts of a prince, living virtually alone
for his first eleven years. It is probably due to his humble beginnings
that this gentle, reserved and introverted hero became the conscience
of both the original Teen Titans and of his adopted homeland, Poseidonis.

As a young boy, Garth took on the quest to protect the people and creatures of the seas along with
his friend and mentor, Aquaman, and became the hero known as Aqualad.
Following his tutelage by Aquaman's father, the wizard Atlan, Aqualad adopted a new codename
which betrays the storm beneath his calm exterior.
Beware the fury of TEMPEST!

This page is dedicated with love and respect to Ramona Fradon, who first drew the little aqua-hero with the cute freckled face,
to Robert Bernstein, who created "the luckiest kid in the Seven Seas" and to
the great Phil Jimenez, who breathed life, love, ice and fire into Tula's "wet blanket."
Thanks for believing that a babe with purple eyes could become
a force to be reckoned with, both above and below the waves!

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I have written three original books inspired by my childhood hero, Aqualad,
which take place in the Pacific Ocean.
These books inspire children to care about the ecology and creatures of our oceans.
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