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The Calgary Flames announced today that the teams’ GM and Executive Vice President, Darryl Sutter, has stepped down at the request of President and CEO Ken King. Jay Feaster, Sutter’s assistant since July, will assume the duties as acting GM. Feaster was GM with the Tampa Bay Lightning when they “won” the Stanley Cup in 2004 (ironically, beating the Flames). Ken King said that the team is “restructuring its leadership and processes…as it enters the next phase of its growth in the NHL.”

Last season, the Flames finished 10th in the Conference and missed the playoffs while four of the previous five seasons, the team lost in the first round. The Flames are currently No. 14 out of 15 teams in the Western Conference and likely to miss the playoffs again this season. This prompted the release of Darryl Sutter, whose brother Brent is the team’s head coach.

In dispelling the notion that Brent Sutter may be relieved of his coaching duties, Feaster responded by saying, “The coaches are committed — you heard Ken say it, I’m committed to this coaching group, too. I think that Brent has done a very good job, I think he’s a very good coach, and one of the things, if you know my history before, I’m a big believer in working with the coach. And so from a hockey perspective, Brent is going to have a very large voice in my administration.”

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Defenseman James Wisniewski has been traded from the New York Islanders to the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for two draft picks. The 26-year-old blue liner will assume some of the defensive duties while Habs defenseman Andrei Markov is out for the season due to knee surgery.

This marks the fourth team for which Wisniewski has played in his six NHL seasons. The Chicago Blackhawks traded him to the Anaheim Ducks during the 2008-09 season, and after taking the Ducks to arbitration for the second summer in a row, the team traded him to the Islanders in Summer 2010.

During his short stint with the Islanders, Wisniewski quickly became one of the teams’ leading scorers and eventually an alternate captain. He automatically becomes the highest scoring Montreal defenseman with 21 points including 18 assists.

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