The King Of The Seven Seas!
Filmation/1967, from my collection.

The following is an episode guide to Filmation Studios' Aquaman series, which premiered September 9, 1967 on CBS Television. Originally part of the Superman/ Aquaman Hour of Power (eventually renamed "Hour of Adventure"), the series became a separate, half-hour show in September of 1968; it ran in syndication in that form for almost twenty years thereafter. Most recently, the individual episodes were edited and shown as part of USA Networks program,
"The Superman/Batman Adventures."

The series takes ample liberties with the Aquaman mythology of the Silver Age. Though Aquaman possesses his trademark telepathic abilities in these episodes, he also exhibits the hard-water powers credited to his dimension-crossing comic book wife, Mera. Mera (not his wife in the series) is curiously identified as "an Atlantean girl," even though, unlike the Atlanteans in the series, she can breathe both in and out of water!

Also, unlike the '60's Aqualad of the comics pages, the television version had no telepathic abilities and spent many an episode unconscious for an obligatory minute or two. Here, the Aqua-duo swap their pet octopus Topo for a pet walrus, Tusky, who began to appear in the comics following his television appearances. And Storm, Aquaman's imperious sea stallion and Imp, Aqualad's aptly named mischievous pony, are present with real personalities.

The most curious difference between the two media versions is Atlantis itself. Her citizens are air-breathers, at the mercy of an oxygen extraction plant, and under Aquaman and Aqualad’s constant protection. There was no explanation offered as to why Aquaman, Aqualad and Mera were physically different from their Atlantean counterparts, or as to why the Aqua-duo were exiled. And, in keeping with the comics, Aqualad has no name save his hero identity and a series of diminutive nicknames ("Minnow," "Sardine," "Squirt," "Shrimp" and "Tadpole").

This list also includes Aqualad’s separate appearances in three Teen Titans cartoons. The episodes are listed in sequential order and include the author of the teleplay. The series contributing writers were: Bob Haney, George Kashdan, Oscar Bensol, Dennis (Denis) Marks and Richard Sandler. Mort Weisinger was the story consultant for the series, which was produced by Norm Prescott and Lou Scheimer, with Allen Ducovny as Executive Producer.
Hal Sutherland was the series director.

Cast members:
Aquaman: Marvin Miller; Aqualad: Jerry Dexter, Mera/Queen Vassa/Wonder Girl: Diana Maddox
Speedy:Pat Harrington Jr.; Kid Flash: Tommy Cook
Narrator, Black Manta, The Fisherman (and other villains): Ted Knight

The Aqua-team save the day! Filmation, 1967

Menace of the Black Manta (Bob Haney): In his first appearance, Manta uses an electronic device to send a whale into uncontrollable rages. Mera spends the episode trapped inside a giant clam, while Aquaman and Aqualad attempt to capture their arch-foe. Manta is seemingly lost down an undersea whirlpool, only to return in later episodes.

The Rampaging Reptile Men (George Kashdan): an Atlantean hydropower station falls under the attack of the evil Reptilemen, who hold Aqualad and two guards hostage in an air lock. Aquaman is trapped in an air-filled cave, but Storm is able to alert Aqualad in time to rescue him. The Reptilemen are driven back into their own realm.

The Return of Nepto (Bob Haney): Nepto and his Viking raiders are awakened during a fierce lightning storm after centuries of slumber in suspended animation. As they had attempted to do in the past, the Vikings converge on Atlantis in aid of making Nepto its new king. By use of his magic trident, Nepto is able to trap Aquaman and Aqualad in a cave, but Tusky and an octopus are able to rescue them, just in time for Aquaman to prevent Nepto from cracking open the dome of the underwater city.

The Fiery Invaders (Dennis Marks): A group of solar aliens attempt to evaporate Earth's oceans by setting them on fire. They later submerge to fire missiles directly at Atlantis. Aqualad is knocked unconscious, thanks to a wildly bucking Imp. Jellyfish, narwhals and whales are enlisted to fight the fires.

The Sea Raiders (Oscar Bensol): An alien ship uses a suction tube to sweep the ocean to collect specimens for their menagerie. They capture Tusky and dehydrate him, shrinking him to a miniature version of himself. To combat Aquaman and Aqualad, a Venusian sea serpent is unleashed. The Aqua-duo threaten to pull the ship under the sea unless their friends are returned, an offer the aliens can’t refuse.

War of the Water Worlds (Bob Haney): Mera is kidnapped by an sub-ocean warlord after she inhales the scent of a mysterious flower which drugs its victims. Aquaman and Aqualad give chase, discovering for the first time that there is another water-world beneath their own. Aquaman is held captive in a dungeon, where he's forced to outwit the multi-headed Hydra. Aqualad and the sea horses assist in his rescue, and Aquaman is able to seal off the connection between the two worlds.

The Volcanic Monster (Richard Sandler): A violent volcanic explosion creates a giant animated lava-monster who menaces the Aqua-team. Tusky goes for a personal best at getting into trouble, as he requires a record three separate rescues in one episode! Sufferin' Sunfish!

The Crimson Monster From The Pink Pool (Oscar Bensol): An acid-expelling goliath enters the ocean through an inter-dimensional pool on the ocean floor and begins a destructive march for Atlantis. The monster slaps Aqualad unconscious, but he recovers in time to help jettison the creature back through the pool. (Note: There's a curious mistake in this episode, in which a cel mistakenly shows Aquaman with black hair)!

The Ice Dragon (Bob Haney): A gigantic dragon capable of spewing plumes of frigid air menaces the Marine Marvels, who the monster turns into human popcicles. Aquaman traps the dragon in an ice cave; the dragon uses its own weapon to seal itself in. Tusky chews out Aqualad for neglecting to free him from his ice-capsule more quickly.

The Deadly Drillers (Dennis Marks): Ships with diamond-tipped drills are used by an undersea civilization called The Molemen to create huge fissures in the ocean floor. Aqualad gets trapped in a crevice. The Molemen capture Aquaman and launch an invasion of Atlantis. Aquaman breaks free and thwarts their plans.

Vassa, Queen Of The Mermen (Oscar Bensol): The Mer-Queen, Vassa, arrives with her steel whale armada to exert dominion over Atlantis. She captures Mera, who has been outside the dome playing with Tusky. Vassa threatens to destroy the dome of Atlantis; Aquaman dissolves the threat by destroying her whale fleet. Vassa swims away to return to fight another day.

The Microscopic Monsters (George Kashdan): The Black Manta stalks Aquaman for his invention: an instrument which can cause plankton to grow to gigantic sizes. As a distraction, Aqualad is kidnapped by the Mantamen and held hostage. When Imp destroys the ray-gun, Aquaman is forced to battle a virtual army of giant plankton. The Black Manta makes his escape during the battle.

The Onslaught Of The Octomen (Oscar Bensol): While roaming the ocean with Tusky and Imp, Aqualad is captured by the mysterious Octomen and is used as a decoy to lure Aquaman to the hidden Octo-city. The King of the Octomen means to learn Aquaman's secret of telepathy, which he believes will make him the true Sea King. An electric Octo-Giant is the king's greatest weapon; instead, it proves to be his undoing.

Treacherous Is The Torpedoman (Bob Haney): Tusky leads the Aquatic duo to an old shipwreck, the current hideout of the shape-shifting Torpedoman. The Torp uses an electric grid and an iron net to subdue Aquaman and Aqualad, but he soon falls victim to his own treachery as he goes down with the ship in a fiery explosion.

The Satanic Saturnians (Oscar Bensol): Devilish-looking aliens from Saturn come to Earth and use heated rings to melt the ice at the Arctic Circle. Their plan: to flood the Earth in advance of their invasion. Tusky, inside one of the Saturnians sea subs, destroys their fleet to help save the day.

The Brain, The Brave and The Bold (Dennis Marks): Evil genius, The Brain, kidnaps Aqualad and brainwashes him, endowing him with super-strength. He then unleashes the boy to attack Aquaman. It takes the obligatory blow-on-the-head to end the hypnosis, and he and Aquaman destroy The Brain’s mind-controlling equipment. Classic Aquaman quote: "It just goes to show that you can have a brain and still not be very smart."

Where Lurks the Fisherman (Bob Haney): The Fisherman sets a booby-trap inside the Aquacave. Thinking he’s blown up the Marine Marvels, he moves on to Atlantis; meanwhile, Tusky has found the bomb and removed it from the cave in time. In the inevitable battle that follows, Aqualad is knocked unconscious by the Fisherman’s hook, but he and Tusky aid Aquaman in their enemy’s defeat. The Fisherman takes a ride to the depths of a canyon via a tuna; he vows to return to fight the Aqua-duo again.

Mephisto’s Marine Marauders (Oscar Bensol): Atlantis' oxygen supply is threatened by Mephisto, a villain who plans to use a sleeping pill to put her citizens to sleep, enabling him to invade them. Aqualad thwarts his plans, but later falls victim to the effects of the sleep pellet himself.

The Trio Of Terror (Dennis Marks): A trio of Aquaman's most dangerous enemies---The Brain, Black Manta and Queen Vassa---group together to trap and destroy the Sea King. While Manta and Vassa advance on Atlantis, The Brain captures Aquaman, planning to encase him in solid salt; Aqualad and Tusky help to avert the attack on the domed city.

The Torp, The Magneto And The Claw (Bob Haney): Three mechanical menaces plot to destroy Aquaman from their hideaway in an underwater junkyard, but Aqualad and Mera discover their plans. In the ensuing battle, Aqualad suffers a blow to the head; the Aqua-team's efforts destroy the three villainous monsters.

Goliaths Of The Deep Sea Gorge (Oscar Bensol): Tusky is menaced by a gillman and swims to the Aqua-team for help. The duo find that the creature was only after their pet to find Aquaman and request his aid. A giant marine mastodon man is destroying the village of the gillmen. A headstrong Aqualad gets smashed against the rocks, then comes close to being skewered! The mastodon threat is neutralized by the Sea King.

The Sinister Sea Scamp:(Oscar Bensol) The Aqua-team are menaced by an animated phosphorus monster created by the Sea Scamp. The Scamp and his Bulk henchment attack Aqualad and Tusky, but are soon thwarted by Aquaman's fish army, and the Sea Scamp's sub-ship is destroyed.

The Devil Fish (no credit given): Aquaman is asked to assist Navy pilot Mark Bartholomew in tests for a futuristic air/sea submersible jet. Black Manta snares the pilot and his ship, leading Aquaman to his undersea cave hideaway. With the help of Aqualad and Tusky, the Devil Fish is saved and returned to the Navy.

The Sea Scavengers (Oscar Bensol): Of the coast of Texas, an oil rig in the Gulf Of Mexico comes under threat of destruction by Scavo and his Sea Scavengers, but the Aqua-duo are on the case. The rig is very near his underwater hideout, and Scavo fears his lair will be discovered. Aquaman and Aqualad take on Scavo, with the villain fighting from inside his "Subma-Robot," and they find themselves face to face with deadly steel pinwheels. Later, steel-hard compressed air bubbles are fired at them, which badly bruise Aqualad. Later still, a thermal raygun is used to boil the sea's water to kill the Aqua-team, but a school of marlins help to save the day by creating a tidal wave, wiping out their attackers.

In Captain ‘Cuda’s Clutches (Bob Haney): The Jewel People are imperilled by Capt. Barracuda and Starro, the giant alien starfish. They are intent on plundering the priceless jewels mined only in that realm. Aqualad is both paralyzed by a pinwheel ray and knocked unconscious by falling against a rock. Starro is defeated by an octopus, and Aqualad's glove mysteriously turns skin-colored for a scene in this one!

The Mirror Man From Planet Imago (Dennis Marks): The Brain uses an exact double of Aquaman supplied by Reflecto of the planet Imago to capture and replace the Sea King and assist in a takeover of Atlantis. Aqualad is knocked unconscious by The Brain’s disrupting ray. When he awakes, he startles the Aqua-double as he returns to the Aquacave; the boy does not realize that Aquaman has been "substituted" until the Mirror Man's violent and abusive behavior forces him from the cave and into the arms of the escaping "real" Aquaman!

The Sea Sorcerer (Dennis Marks): A sorcerer uses an ancient chant and mystical rite to give himself strange powers. He dupes the Aqua-duo into believing he is an innocent victim of someone else's foul play, then attacks them. The Sorcerer captures Aqualad and Tusky, holding them in his cave as he uses a spell to destroy Aquaman, but the Minnow and walrus escape and help Aquaman to capture the evil magician.

The Sea Snares Of Captain Sly (Oscar Bensol): Captain Sly attempts to capture Aquaman with a suspended grabber globe but succeeds in nabbing Aqualad instead. Aquaman and a horde of sea creatures free the boy and are then surprised by a full-out undersea battle with the Captain’s mates. The sailors use sea scooters equipped with "limpness light rays" which paralyze Aqualad and Tusky; the ray is later used to the Aqua-duo's advantage as Tusky turns it on Captain Sly.

The Undersea Trojan Horse (Bob Haney): Dr. Lamprey, an evil genius obsessed with pillaging Atlantis, creates an undersea Trojan Horse; the bejeweled vision entices the unwitting Mera, who opens it and releases a horde of robot fish. The tin fish are controlled via a radio transmitter hidden somewhere on the ocean floor; its location is unknown to the Aqua-duo. As Lamprey advances on Atlantis, his robot armada launch projectiles to destroy the dome protecting the city. The Aquatic Aces and their own army of sea creatures battle their tin aggressors, but the fight suddenly ends when Tusky discovers and destroys the hidden transmitter.

The Vicious Villainy Of Vassa (Oscar Bensol): Four tunneling ships drill down through the ocean floor and under the domed city of Atlantis, causing water spouts to spring up, flooding the city. Aqualad is shot by a laser beam just as Mera is captured by a vortex which pulls her into Vassa’s ship. Aquaman, also caught in the vortex, uses his strength to create a cross-vortex, destroying Vassa's equipment. Aquaman rescues Mera, captures Vassa and her mermen and forces them to pump Atlantis dry again. (Tusky is scene floating in air inside the dome in this one)!

Programmed For Destruction (Dennis Marks): To destroy the Aqua-team, The Brain discovers the best method to defeat Aquaman: a positive buoyancy ray made from the chemical compound oxymite. The ray forces all free objects in the seas to float upward to the surface. Aqualad and Tusky are trapped by the ray, doomed to suffocate on the surface of the ocean. Aquaman uses high-frequency sound waves and reversed polarity to break up the molecules of the ray, thereby allowing the creatures of the sea and Aqualad to escape. He then coaxes a prehistoric cyclops fish to use its mirrored eye to deflect the Brain's ray, causing his own ship to float to the surface.

The War Of The Quatix And The Bimphabs (Dennis Marks): A top secret US Government request sends Aquaman, Aqualad and Tusky on an exploration of the newly discovered all-water world of Planet Q344. Unknown to the team, on this planet a war rages between the amphibious frog-like Bimphabs and the aquatic, fish-like Quatix. Aqualad is felled by the Bimphabs' ray guns, and he's forced to lead their army against that of the Quatix, lead by a captive Aquaman. Aquaman commands a giant squid-like creature to mediate a truce between the two races. (NOTE: the name is misspelled as "Bimphars" in the title credits).

The Stickmen Of Stygia (Oscar Bensol): Aqualad and Mera lure Aquaman out of the Aquacave via a practical joke, not knowing that they are being watched by Stickmen from the watery planet Stygia, here to kidnap Aquaman to be their water slave. Their paralyzing ray immobilizes Aqualad, but Aquaman is able to destroy the submerged eyebeam, pulling their attackers’ ship into the sea. Once underwater, Aquaman tricks the aliens by using Aqualad’s sight-gag flashlight “reverse force” ray to fool the aliens.

Three Wishes To Trouble (Bob Haney): Aqualad becomes Aladdin when he releases Snork The Great, an impudent, willful genie who has been the captive of an ancient jug. Unfortunately for the Minnow, his wishes aren’t specific enough to keep him out of trouble. His wish for a giant robot to clean the junk disposed of on the ocean's floor leads to an uncontrollable nightmare which destroys a coral reef, with the boy being knocked unconscious by flying coral fragments. Aqualad's third wish---to be a telepath just once---unleashes hideous mutant fish which had been encased in an undersea gorge. An understanding Aquaman helps clean up the mess and rebottle the genie.

The Silver Sphere (Dennis Marks): When a silver sphere appears between the lands of the Tortoids and The Lizard Men, the two races begin a war. Aquaman initiates an athletic competition to decide which group may keep it, but the Black Manta has designs on it for himself. Aqualad, returning a favor, represents the Tortoids in the tournament and endures some torturous labors while Aquaman chases Black Manta, who has stolen the sphere.

To Catch A Fisherman (Bob Haney): Tusky, who was playing with Imp, suddenly disappears, and Imp flies to the Aquacave for help. Unable to find their pet, Aquaman and Aqualad seek help from Oceanus, the ancient wise man, who tells them they must go to a volcanic area of the ocean where the water appears to be alight. Once there, the Aqua-duo quickly realized that they have been duped, and The Fisherman reveals himself. Aquaman is trapped in a mass of hardening lava from which Aqualad was able to escape. As the boy returns to find out why Oceanus led them into a trap, he finds both his pet and the sage chained. He's advised to return to help Aquaman, and, in doing so, takes on The Fisherman while whales free Aquaman from his imprisonment.

TEEN TITANS (all written by George Kashdan):

The Monster Machine: Aqualad, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Speedy are alerted to an invasion of a giant, monstrous robot. The team attacks the creature from the air, land and sea and find that it was unleashed by an invasion platform from an alien race. The Titans take on an army of robots and destroy the alien base.

The Space Beast Roundup: The Teen Titans are called to a small country hamlet which is being attacked by a hideous monster from another world. Two other creatures also menace the area. The teens are able to subdue them, even as they are mistakenly attacked by the space hunters who jettisoned these creatures to Earth in aid of saving their ship.

Operation: Rescue: Speedy and Aqualad, testing the new Titans Copter, are forced down in a remote outpost in northern Asia. At the same time, they have discovered a frighten boy named Terry, the son of a missing explorer. Following the boy, the two teens find that the boy’s father has been captured by a tribe of throwbacks, and they are soon captured as well. Worried about their teammates' disappearance, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash speed to the signaled area of the boys' last position, and Kid Flash is quickly able to restore Speedy's bow and quiver to him, and their united efforts allow all the captives to escape. Once the Carters are safe and reunited, Wonder Girl has a good cry, the boys snicker and giggle, and the team and the Carters agree to never reveal the location of the tribe.

Written by Daria

(1967-1998/DC Comics; all rights reserved)

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